Skateboarding is one of the most known and participated action sports. This type of sports which can be interchangeable with hobbies as cycling is made more popular by the fact that it can help maintain good health mentally and of course physically. Since this sport is engaging especially for the youth, it has been steadily in trend over the past years.

While skateboarding has established its capability to provide certain physical health benefits, it also poses danger to those who wish to enjoy their hobby. Certainly, there are certain precautions a rider or user can undertake, however, the danger is really dependent on where one rides the skateboard.

To address the need for a place to enjoy this action sport with due safety and ample thrill to satisfy risk takers, many have invested in the creation and usage of skateparks. Although many still prefer the classic sidewalk training and playing of this sport, there has been immense effort to persuade patrons to consider preferring the skateparks over the open streets for playtime at least. Listed below are four of the major reasons why its always better to play in the skatepark.

1. Skateparks provide a safer environment to practice and play as compared to the streets

Based on statistics, injuries related to skateboarding are usually incurred outside skateparks which means the incidents usually happen on the open streets. The top three causes of skateboard related injuries are collisions with motor vehicles, bumping a pedestrian and the most common – surface irregularities.

While thrills are looked forward to, safety should be the number one priority of skaters. And this is offered by the skateparks. Skateboarding has been around for a couple of years and the best way to prevent injuries which are posed by this action sport is to provide a safe place within which an individual can practice and play.

2. Skateparks can help in reducing the damage usually made to private property

Without a designated place to practice and play skateboards, individuals will be forced to use whatever obstacles and surfaces they will be able to get into which of course includes terrains near or within a private property in your locality. Other than public places which can be exhausted by skaters, there are also the railings and sidewalks relatively near your homes where they practice. With the probability of the usage of these areas, there is also the possibility of damage to private property. This can be done to your valuables when you are in a public place, or to your fence, gate or railing when skateboarding is near your home. To reduce this, a skatepark will be helpful.

3. Skateparks can help curb illicit behaviors

Based on the general myth wherein skateparks are probably breeding grounds for illegal activities, it can be said that when the place where they do their sport is proven safe and regulated, there is a possibility of reducing locations wherein crimes and other unlawful activities can be undertaken.

4. There is an economic impact for a locality when it chooses to invest in the creation of a skate park

Looking into the income and patronage a skatepark on the average have, it can be said that the skateparks are not only beneficial to the owners but also to other businesses within the locality where it is situated. For example, the famous Fremont Skate Park has been flooded by skaters from northern California. With rates corresponding to the stay of the players, the owner has been earning significant amounts since a player stays at least an hour in the park on the average. When players visit a new city for a certain park, they would definitely take time to take a tour around the place thus increasing the likelihood of an economic impact in the area. Take note, it has been recorded that players who visit skateparks are hundreds in numbers which can consequently help the business within an area, especially in small localities.