Skateboarding enthusiasts are not just contented riding their skateboards. Learning some tricks and stunts has made skateboarding more exciting and fun. It is also one way of staying fit and healthy at all times. To others, it provides an opportunity to do tricks and stunts that will make others admire them. Here are some of the greatest skateboard stunts and tricks performed (My Trending Stories on skateboards).

1. The Ollie

The Ollie is a trick that a skateboarder must learn in order to perform other tricks and stunts. In the Ollie, the rider leaps into the air with the skateboard and lands still riding it. Some skateboarders achieve high leaps by jumping or popping higher. It is important to use the best stance when leaping and landing to avoid accidents. Since this is used in almost all tricks and stunts, learning how to do the Ollie is a must.

2. Wallride

If climbing a wall can be difficult, how much more is riding a skateboard up a wall? However, for a skilled rider, this can be done. First, spread your feet wide on the skateboard, with your back on the wall. Then, lift the nose of the board, moving it upward and forward at the same time. Hit the wall with your back and let the rear of the board climb the wall. As soon as you are up, turn around to make going down easy.

3. Nose slide

This trick is done on a curb or any kind of surface where your skateboard can slide. The secret is to put all your weight on the nose of your skateboard. Place one leg at the tail of the board. Then, as it hit the curb, transfer your weight on the nose so that the tail goes up. Then, bend your body towards the back wheels. You can then do a kickturn so that you move up and away from the curb.

4. Bull Flip (Nollie 720 Gazelle Nerdflip)

To perform this stunt, start by putting the front foot on the nose and the back foot on the tail. Put pressure as if you are shoving it. This is important so that you can perform the under flip. Once the board goes up, place your front foot under it. To do the 720 spin, kick the board out. Watch for the board to hit the ground and jump on it.

5. Heel flip

The heel flip is using the heel to make the skateboard rotate on its access. The kick is done toward a direction away from the skateboarder or forward instead of backward. As it nears you, jump with your knees bent. Bending the knees will help you land on your skateboard with less impact. This will prevent injury on your part.

Skateboarding is a sports activity that has captured the hearts of both adults and children all over the world. The ability to perform tricks and stunts enhances the skateboarder’s self-confidence. Some stunts might be too dangerous for beginners but for experts, each stunt has become a great challenge and a thrilling and exciting experience.